The Creation Science Movement

Hello and Welcome to CSM

Founded in 1932 as “The Evolution Protest Movement” by a small group of Christians concerned by the propaganda that was promoting the theory of evolution as if scientifically proven, it has grown in strength over the years and is now known as the ‘Creation Science Movement’ abbreviated as CSM.

Our Aims

  • To show that the Scriptures, and in particular those that bear on Creation, are reliable.
  • To lecture on Creation Science at universities, schools and churches.
  • To publish and distribute the journal ‘Creation’, pamphlets, books, DVDs, CDs demonstrating that the biblical account of special Creation is supported by true science.

CSM History

The Creation Science Movement started in 1932 protesting about the influence of Darwin’s theory of evolution; in fact it was called the Evolution Protest Movement in those days.

The prime movers were Mr. Douglas Dewar, barrister and Auditor General of the Indian Civil Service, and Captain Bernard Acworth, DSO who developed the asdic sonar device (Who’s Who). They called the first Creationist meeting (EPM) at 21 Essex Gardens, The Strand, London, in 1932. The first public meeting was reported in The Times on February 12, 1935. Sir Ambrose Fleming presided and what he said then still stands for what the Creation Science Movement believes in today.

He declared that ‘of late years the Darwinian anthropology had been forced on public attention by numerous books in such a fashion as to create a belief that it was a certainly settled scientific truth. The fact that many eminent naturalists did not agree that Darwin’s theory of species production had been sufficiently established as a truth was generally repressed. If there had been no creation, there was no need to assume any Creator; the chief basis for all religion was taken away and morality reduced to mere human expediency.

It had seemed to a large number of thoughtful persons that it was of national importance to counteract the effects of reckless and indiscriminate popularisation of the theory of the wholly animal origin of mankind, especially among the young, by the diffusion of a truly scientific cause for all those altruistic, aesthetic, intellectual, spiritual and religious faculties in man, of which not the very slightest trace was seen in the animal species… they desired to oppose a one-sided materialistic presentation of human origin which rejected altogether any suggestion of creation. They said that the arguments of the Darwinian anthropologists were defective in logic and did not give the proof they assumed.’

This was reported over 80 years ago! Today society witnesses to the effect of atheistic humanism which belief in the theory of evolution has brought–fragmented family units, abortion, child abuse etc. In fact in all these intervening years the evidence has mounted up arguing that of course a Creator must have made this planet Earth and the heavens. There is a wealth of further scientific evidence supporting Creation which these eminent men in the early 1930s did not then know. Advances in our knowledge of genetics, biochemistry and information theory are just some areas where progress in the last eighty years has made belief in evolution even less logical.

The sense of high purpose expressed in The Times account is still what motivates CSM today. We are concerned that people today are rarely confronted with a straight-forward reading of the Bible starting at Genesis chapter one. In fact most people have been told that they cannot trust the beginning of God’s Word. They rehearse Satan’s own words, ‘Hath God said?’.

CSM declares that the doctrine of original sin is not based on myth or fable but rather on the solid foundation of the ‘lively oracles’ of the Lord God. A blurring of this truth affects the wonder of the Atonement by the peerless Son of God which in turn can lead to a shallow commitment to Him. CSM ringingly declares that the beginning of God’s Word may be trusted as well as all that follows.

Presidents of Evolution Protest Movement / Creation Science Movement

1932 – 1941: Sir Ambrose Fleming Inventor of the thermionic valve
1941 – 1946: Sir Charles Marston Industrialist & biblical archaeologist
1946 – 1957: Mr Douglas Dewar Auditor General of India
1957 – 1962: Cpt Bernard Acworth. RN. Co-founder of EPM/CSM with Mr Dewar
1962 – 1979: Sir Cecil Wakeley President – Royal College of Surgeons
1979 – 1997: Professor Verna Wright
1998 – 2003: Baroness Rose of Kilvarock
2003 – Present: Lord Ashbourne



A pamphlet on different subjects giving evidence of Creation is published every quarter together with the Creation Journal which carries up-to-the-minute news and comment. These pamphlets form an information resource on the Creation/evolution issue. Plus we publish books on Scientific Creation and Biblical Inerrancy.

One of our pamphlets shows how Creation is the foundation of the Gospel (249) while others trace Creation in Genesis (260) and Isaiah (243). Others are critical of aspects of evolution theory such as alleged vestigial organs (258) and supposed intermediate forms such as Archaeopteryx (76) and ape-men (151, 234). Many pamphlets consider particular creatures and show how they could not possibly have evolved.

These include whales (114) where the design of the mouth of the young whale fitting into the mother enables it to be suckled while at sea.

The Bombardier Beetle (233) had to have a perfectly functioning explosive defence or it would have blown itself up! The Palisade moth (248), birds’ feathers (255), bats’ sonar systems (247), the bee’s informative dance (264), and butterflies’ metamorphoses (257) could not have evolved. Other pamphlets consider the so-called chemical evolution of life (267).

Evidence is cited that the universe is only thousands of years old (265). Measurements of salinity of the oceans (221) show they are young. The eruption of Mount St. Helens (252) in 1980 produced sediments which evolutionary geologists would normally interpret as taking very long periods of time to form. Three distinct lines of experimental evidence from scientists of repute in Australia, America and Russia strongly suggest that the speed at which light travels has diminished with time (262, 256).

This affects the radiometric dating of rocks (207) and the time taken for light to reach us from distant galaxies. It indicates that the universe is less than 10,000 years old. Scientific observations support the genealogies (219) in the Bible, a book of amazingly accurate science (254), that life was created and did not evolve and that Adam was created in the beginning.


CSM is preparing to once again provide able speakers on Creation who major on the scientific evidence which is increasingly weighty. Today many eminent scientists who do not even argue from the Christian standpoint, find this evidence against the theory of evolution sufficient to convince them that there is no evolution at all.

This evidence is ignored in school textbooks and TV nature programmes. CSM lecturers regularly address universities, colleges, sixth forms and Church groups throughout the UK. In the 1960s our Creationist speakers toured the Far East, Australia, New Zealand and North America, while in the 1990s we are began to meet the need in Eastern Europe.

Some of our pamphlets can be purchased in either paper or PDF formats by visiting our online shop.

But we do also have some free stuff for you!

These links are to old videos uploaded from our archive – but the information contained is still true and relevant.

‘Origin of man’ by Dr David Rosevear: https://youtu.be/1Sb4jARGgJA

‘Sinking sands of evolution’ by Dr David Rosevear: https://youtu.be/FeA_-5oZnS0

‘Origin of the Universe’ by Dr David Rosevear: https://youtu.be/6UHrYcRvt_Y

‘The First seven Days’ by Dr David Rosevear: https://youtu.be/zNjAN7BzufA

‘Can Life arise spontaneously?’ byDr David Rosevear: https://youtu.be/fYp9nZiD7zI

‘Creation -v- evolution predictions’ by Dr Vij Sodera: https://youtu.be/6hlIbnLyUMM

‘Fossil Evidence for Noah’s Flood’ by Dr Farid Abou Rahme: https://youtu.be/mrHCMbKyO-A

‘Biblical Creation’ by Dr John Peet: https://youtu.be/DhYZ9GLBUNM

‘Conquest of the land’ by Paul Garner: https://youtu.be/X3CWUrSFJkE

‘The Japanese Plesiosaur’ by Dr Bill Cooper: https://youtu.be/pA-PospP6B0

‘Joshua’s Long Day’ by Malcolm Bowden: https://youtu.be/KFVoBf7L63M

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‘Intricacies of Flight’ by Prof Andy McIntosh: https://youtu.be/T2StBEXLWZ4

‘After their kinds’ published by CSM: https://youtu.be/4cEaxK0XkFk