Intelligent Design

Elements of biology make no sense as an intermediate stage. Part of an eye has no value and in fact will place an animal at a definite DISadvantage; and some amazing members of the animal kingdom prove that they had to be created as we find them today – otherwise they wouldn’t exist at all. Intelligent design looks at the evidence for things being made as we find them, not through a process of evolution.

Smallest possible cell proves life was created

A flawed experiemtn, however cleverly designed, cannot compensate for the fact that life cannot arise by chance. It has to be designed from the start to function properly, otherwise there is no second generation.

The demise of ‘Junk’ DNA

When the structure of DNA was discovered in the middle of the 20th century, it was soon found that only some 2% of the molecule consists of genes coding for proteins. The majority of the DNA was considered to be ‘junk’ left over from the…