After the Flood

The unbiblical worldview interprets history of the human race in a way that the evidence does not support – although that won’t be brought to your attention. If the Bible is true, and if Noah’s Flood was a historical event, then there should be evidence everywhere and that includes the history of nations. And that is indeed what we find if we look at the evidence with an open mind.

Anglo-Saxon Dinosaurs

Secular history tells us the dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago. So how come there are well documented recoprds of people encountering these monstrous animals within recorded history? But if the Bible is true, this is exactly what we would expect to find. Why does it come as such a surprise?

The original religion of ancient China

How did the ancient Chinese come to know and worship the One True God? Conclusively, the original religion of China is similar to that of the Hebrew people as recorded in the Bible.

Genesis revealed in ancient Chinese

Since the original religion of the ancient Chinese is similar to that of the ancient Hebrews, it should not be surprising to discover that the inventor(s) of the ancient Chinese writing system knew and believed in an identical account of creation and earth’s beginnings as found in the book of Genesis in the Hebrew Bible.

The Irish Chronicles

The early Irish chronicles are among the most fascinating of all the ancient records that have come down to us. They trace in detail the coming to Ireland of various early peoples over many centuries, beginning with the first colony, that of…

The British Chronicles

The main body of records dealing with the history of the early Britons is contained especially in two ancient books. The first is Historia Britonum or “The History of the Britons” compiled by Nennius in the ninth century AD: the second Historia…

The Witness of Early European History

In his scholarly best-seller Dr. Cooper uses ancient manuscripts to trace the royal lines of many European nations back to Japheth, son of Noah. He discusses various dragon legends, suggesting that these are accounts of real dinosaurs. Read a summary here.