As Many as Six Days?

The theory of evolution requires vast ages of time to operate. But the Bible indicates that this vast amount of time just doesn’t exist – at a stretch there is just 10,000 years to play with. And yet ‘science’ tells us the world is billions of years old. Many Christians, yet alone anyone else, struggle with this paradox. How to square the circle? Is the bible reliable?

Can ‘Yom’ Mean 1000 Years?

There are many evangelical Christians who, accepting theistic evolution, contend that the Hebrew word “yom”, used in Genesis for “a day” can be interpreted as being a long period of time. The scriptural verse most frequently referred to when this subject is under discussion is 2 Pet. 3:8. But this view is demonstrably false as this article shows.

Living fossils also have unchanged DNA

Researchers in Lund, Sweden have found that the waxy surface of the leaves of the Ginkgo tree are well preserved in fossil leaves, unlike the DNA which breaks down with age. Analysis of the biochemicals in the fossil leaves shows that they are…