Origin of Life

Has life really been produced in a test tube? Is it possible for life to arise from non-living components? To avoid facing the fact that there is a God who has rights over them, many people believe that it can. But is it really a viable view?

After its Kind

The biblical view of origins is of a perfect creation made in only six days just a few thousand years ago by an all-powerful and all-wise God. Conventional geology, on the other hand, portrays the fossil record as an evolutionary progression over thousands of millions of years. Only one can be right.

Smallest possible cell proves life was created

A flawed experiemtn, however cleverly designed, cannot compensate for the fact that life cannot arise by chance. It has to be designed from the start to function properly, otherwise there is no second generation.

Micro- and Macro-evolution

Supporters of creation are often criticised for denying that change of any type can occur. But variation within a kind can and does. Creationists have no quibble with micro-evolution. But the change from one kind to another - macro-evolution, where a dinosaur becomes a bird - is unscientific as God has built in checks and balances which limit the range of change possible.

Origin of Man

The Greek philosopher Aristotle taught that man had come from a fish ancestry. This teaching took on scientific respectability in the 19th century when Chas. Darwin published his Origin of Species and Descent of Man. Today’s education system…