Origin of Man

Is man just a highly evolved ape? Does the human tree of evolution have sturdy roots? With some species of human being reconstructed from teeth – pigs’ teeth at that – it would appear that the Biblical view of man being a specially created ‘pinnacle of creation’ in the image of God might fit the scientific evidence of origins far better than an evolutionary one.

Piltdown Man

Necessity is the mother of invention and therefore if ape-men had not been found, it was necessary to invent them. A complex web of events, beginning in 1908, was set in motion: the preparation of the fake pieces filed down and stained, the planting of these pieces in two sites roughly 2 miles apart, and the discovery of the ‘finds’, were all accomplished in the following seven years to 1915. And so the embarrassing gap was filled, the missing link uncovered. But truth will out ...

The Witness of Early European History

In his scholarly best-seller Dr. Cooper uses ancient manuscripts to trace the royal lines of many European nations back to Japheth, son of Noah. He discusses various dragon legends, suggesting that these are accounts of real dinosaurs. Read a summary here.