Secular historians tell us that fossils are the remains of animals and plants buried aeons ago and gradually turned to minerals. A biblical worldview includes the catastrophe of Noah’s Flood with rapid burial of animals overcome by the rising waters. Which view does the evidence best support?

Anglo-Saxon Dinosaurs

Secular history tells us the dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago. So how come there are well documented recoprds of people encountering these monstrous animals within recorded history? But if the Bible is true, this is exactly what we would expect to find. Why does it come as such a surprise?

After its Kind

The biblical view of origins is of a perfect creation made in only six days just a few thousand years ago by an all-powerful and all-wise God. Conventional geology, on the other hand, portrays the fossil record as an evolutionary progression over thousands of millions of years. Only one can be right.

Miocene Man

Human remains from the Lower Miocene It is everywhere taught, and held to be a scientific fact, that man evolved from apes during the last million yeas or so. Various charts and diagrams are devised that purport to demonstrate the stages of…